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Hooked On “g” – My Typographic Dependence

I am a typography junkie. I got my first high on “g” when a first-time college instructor introduced me to Franklin Gothic during my first semester. While other first-timers away from home were experimenting with, well whatever, I was experimenting with typography. It wasn’t until my fourth year in college that I realized just how far this addiction could take me. I was accepted into the Fourth Annual Herb Lubalin International Student Design Competition with a piece of hand-drawn typography. That year, only 36 entries from around the world were accepted into the show. I was doubly hooked.

Since then, I have drawn many unique pieces of typography for the benefit of my clients. The search for the font that will bring a brand that cherry high is not to be taken lightly. After all, a brand will be spending a lot of time with its font. Considerations such as the brand’s personality must be included in the criteria. Is it casual? Funny? Traditional? Trendy? The font should represent a brand’s attributes. Words are powerful images, so we must make sure they can be read.

Which brings us to legibility. How does a particular font look in print, at large and very small sizes, and most importantly, on the Web? While some might think a display font or some funky, rarely used font might represent their funky brand best, they might be setting themselves up for a real downer when it comes to actually reaching their audience – no matter how many railroad cars they’ve tagged.

I was drawn to Trebuchet to represent the Accelerant brand, not only for its legibility, but also for its unique “g.” Here’s how Wikipedia describes the font: Trebuchet MS is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Vincent Connare for the Microsoft Corporation in 1996. It is named after the trebuchet, a medieval catapult. The name was inspired by a puzzle question that Connare heard at Microsoft headquarters: “Can you make a trebuchet that could launch a person from main campus to the new consumer campus about a mile away? Mathematically, is it possible and how?” Connare “thought that would be a great name for a font that launches words across the Internet”.

These are awesome attributes that suit the Accelerant brand perfectly, but the real reason is still the uniqueness and “newness” of the “g.” It represents all that Accelerant Marketing Alliance is and has to offer – a strong, new brand that can catapult it’s customers’ messages across the Web or any medium.

About Yvette

With over 20 years experience in design studios, ad agencies and corporate environments, Yvette brings design, creative direction and brand-building sparks to Accelerant.
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