flame [fleym]

The glowing part of a fire
A burning zeal or passion
Brilliance, brightness
A sweetheart
The memory or reputation of a person
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The Best On-Line Reputation Tool is…


After reviewing several reputation management tools, I have concluded that the best all around product is Google Alerts. This is easy to use, provides as much useful content as anything I have tried and it is free.  After all,  you need to be aware of unflattering information about you, your company,  your partners, your high visibility employees or anyone/thing  that might be confused with the same.  Hopefully, there is nothing unflattering out there.

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Managing Your On-line Reputation … Power to the People

One of the great things about social media is that it gives the average person visibility on the Internet which is equal to that enjoyed by giant corporations. However, that can be a two-edged sword.

A few years ago, I Googled myself and discovered that I was nowhere on page one of Google’s search results. How could that be?
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Hooked On “g” – My Typographic Dependence

I am a typography junkie. I got my first high on “g” when a first-time college instructor introduced me to Franklin Gothic during my first semester. While other first-timers away from home were experimenting with, well whatever, I was experimenting with typography. It wasn’t until my fourth year in college that I realized just how far this addiction could take me. I was accepted into the Fourth Annual Herb Lubalin International Student Design Competition with a piece of hand-drawn typography. That year, only 36 entries from around the world were accepted into the show. I was doubly hooked.
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If I’d Asked People What They Wanted…

When it comes to the way most people approach social media marketing for the first time, I am reminded of a quote by Henry Ford. Ford said, “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have told me ‘Faster horses’.”
When I see a steady Twitter stream of news releases, I think “How is this any different than the ‘Recent News’ section on your web page?” When I see an endless list of “this week’s car deals,” I wonder, “How is this any different than the classified section of the newspaper?” If social media is so hot and new and so revolutionary … why do you think you can derive any benefit by using it like an old marketing tool?
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