cat·a·lyst [kat-l-ist]

Something that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction or causes activity between two or more persons or forces
A person or thing that speeds an event or change or whose enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more enthusiastic or energetic

James Snider

James Snider — Firestarter (Business Development Director)

James has been lighting the global marketing fires of his clients — including high-tech, medical and non-profit organizations — for over 17 years. He was Executive Director of the 1394 (FireWire) Trade Association and was Global Marketing Manager at Texas Instruments and at NXP. James holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas.

phone: 817 905 1394

Yvette Hunt

Yvette Hunt — Sparks (Creative Services Director)

With over 20 years experience, Yvette brings design, creative direction and brand-building sparks to Accelerant. She led the award-winning, international design team at Sabre Holdings, delivering positive results on product launches, rebranding campaigns and internal programs. She earned her degree at East Texas State University.

phone: 817 203 4944

Charles Beall

Charles Beall, PhD — Fuel (Marketing Services Director)

Charles gives us over 20 years fuel for the creative fire with marketing analysis, forecasting, pricing, segmentation, and market simulations. He served as Director of Marketing Analytics with GTE and Verizon. Charles also taught marketing analytics at several major universities including Southern Methodist University. He holds a Ph.D. in operations research from the University of Southern California.

phone: 770 853 4767